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What are the best toys for babies in the first months of life

Baby toys, best toys for babies 0-3 months

Why are only certain toys suitable for babies?

Before seeing which toys for babies would be the most suitable for them in the first months of life, let's first review what a baby does in the first part of life in terms of its development and implicitly of the interest it may show for certain toys.

Up to the age of 6 monthsat which age the baby will begin to sit in the bottom, the baby will sit more lying down on your back most of the time. From birth and about up to the third month of life (plus or minus, depending on each child), the baby's going to stay pretty much still...quietly in his place. 

Cam around 3-4 months will learn to hold your head up sitting on your tummy or in your arms, and still at about the same age will learn to hold and carry various objects in the mouth, to be roll on either side. Now is also the time when you will begin to salivate very much, even if first teeth don't erupt now. In other words, between three and six months little baby will begin to move, but still lying downIt will turn from one side to the other, it will be able to move its place on a flat surface by pushing with its hands and feet, it will pull objects if it has them within reach and will taste everything that falls into its hands.

Thus, depending on the various "milestones" or "acquisitions" (as we call them in Romanian), which the baby gets in his development, only some of the toys we find to buy are suitable especially for the period 0-6 months.

So, in this article, we will explore the best baby toys, divided into two categories: toys for babies from birth to 3 months and toys suitable for babies 3 months and older.

Toys for babies 0-3 months

If we talk about baby toys 0-3 months, preferred will be those that ii stimulates little hearing and the vase. Let's not forget that the baby is mostly sitting still and even if he doesn't know how to hold toys yet, he will appreciate the ones that someone else holds and handles, as well as the hanging ones that sing or make noises. So here are some examples of baby toys 0-3 months:

Considering that from the first week after birth babies acquire the ability to see in color, obviously they will appreciate those toys babies 0-3 months as much as possible. colorful.

Toys for babies 3 months and over

In addition to the above toys that will continue to be appreciated, there are also baby toys 3 months which are more interesting as they get older. Let's not forget that baby has grown, has a higher mobility horizontal stand, learning to carry things in his mouth, to turn from side to side:

As babies begin to grow, teething toys become essential. And not necessarily because his first teeth will appear, but because they will help him develop his gripping and handling skills. And because at this stage baby is fascinated to learn to coordinate his movements, to catch toys and to put them in his mouth. Therefore and extra toys, me, will help him explore in a safe, injury-free way.

In the first months of life, your baby's development is in full swing. Baby toys can play a crucial role in stimulating the senses and developing motor and cognitive skills, under strict parental supervision. But direct interaction with parents and providing a safe and nurturing environment are just as important for baby's development as toys.

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