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Wrapped with blankets the baby is calmer

Baby blankets

Every time I tried to put my babies to sleep, my mother would tell me that if I wrapped them gently in a blanket, sleep would come much faster...And looking back, even though much of our mothers' advice is no longer relevant, I realize that in this respect she was right. So, in your little one's wardrobe, one or two (one thinner and one thicker) baby blankets should be a must, as they are a very practical wardrobe item in many situations. 

A blanket shows its usefulness in situations where we do not know how to dress the newborn as appropriate as possible when we take it outside. And if the layers of clothes he's dressed in are still too thin at certain times of the day, a cute little blanket can be the saving grace.

On the walk, in the pram or in the shell, a blanket will help your baby feel safe and better regulate their body temperature to sleep peacefully.

It can be placed on any foreign surface that your baby's sensitive skin comes into contact with: a shoulder, the surface of the pram on which you sit your baby, the sofa, etc.

Before buying from the multitude of baby cots, it is important to consider some important aspects, such as material from which it is made, size and thickness their.

Baby nappies - choice of material

Materials the most used for baby cribs are cotton, polar fleece if wool.

Cotton is a very good choice for sensitive baby skinbecause it is a natural, breathable and soft material. It is also ideal for babies, as it does not present the risk of skin irritations or allergies. Cotton provides increased thermal comfort and allows good air circulation precisely because it is a natural fibre. 

Cotton velvet is a cotton variant used for baby cots because of its beautiful, elegant and pleasant to the touch appearance. It usually has a denser and thicker texture.

Polar (polar fleece in English) is a fluffy, soft, warm and synthetic material. Due to the structure of the material, the thermal insulation capacity is quite impressive, even greater than that of wool. It lets the skin breathe freely, but does not offer protection against wind.

Lana is a good choice because it is warm, but requires some care as it can be slightly irritating to baby's sensitive skin, being slightly rougher (most types of wool are rougher). This is why it is sometimes only used to a certain extent in baby clothing. 

Baby diapers - choosing the right size

As if size, there are different variants on the market. A minimum size of 70×80 centimetres will indicate a pram or car seat cover, with which the baby will usually be wrapped when walking, under strict adult supervision. Let's not forget that the baby will be around 90 centimetres at 2 years old, so baby carriers of this size can be used to wrap the lower part of the body up to this age. 

In efforts to reduce sudden death syndrome, the American Academy of Pediatrics makes the following recommendations for baby sleepThe baby should sleep only on his back in a space of his own; a firm mattress and a suitable, non-pullable sheet should be used in the cot; no objects such as blankets, pillows or stuffed toys should be left in the cot.

Baby diapers - choosing the right thickness

In terms of thickness blankets, it is important to consider the season outside or the temperature in the baby's room. If it's summer, for evening walks in the cool, a thin cotton blanket may be enough to keep your baby comfortable. However, if it's winter, autumn, spring or the room temperature is cooler, you may need a thicker blanket to keep your baby warm.

It is very important to avoid heavy blankets, as they are usually not made of breathable materials. There is a risk that during sleep, the baby will pull the nappy over the face and there is a risk of suffocation.

More than practical, all these baby blankets are available in a variety of colours and patternswith different characters loved by parents and children, so that they become a decorative element in the child's room.

In conclusion, baby cribs are essential for the comfort and safety of the baby and it is important to choose the right crib in terms of thickness and size, made of a quality material, not too heavy and with an attractive design.

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