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Nursing pyjamas - trends in 2023

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Why are pyjamas useful for breastfeeding?

When you find yourself in the situation of giving a gift to a new mother, one of the options is definitely a set of nursing pajamas. Nursing a newborn is one of those times in a mother's life that is so beautiful but also so demanding. And not a few new mums tell stories about how, among the things they appreciate more than ever in those moments are: a shower, a snack on the run, a short nap or a comfortable and cosy outfit to spend time in. Some of them might even realize they spent an eternity in their baby's first months of pajamas.  

What to consider when buying the best nursing pajamas?

To get the best nursing pajamas, here are some tips & tricks:

  • When you're pregnant and looking for the perfect pajamas, COMFORT is the main aspect to consider. In the first months after birth, mothers spend a lot of time breastfeeding or feeding their babies. It is therefore crucial that the clothes they wear are soft, loose-fitting and do not restrict movement. Nursing pyjamas are designed to ensure these characteristics.
  • Once the baby is born, breastfeeding mothers should also consider COMFORT.
  • When you wake up several times a night to feed your baby, QUICK AND EASY ACCESS TO THE NURSERY is a necessity. The best nursing pajamas have either a V-shaped neckline, a neckline that can be pulled to the side very easily, and if they have thin straps, they will be fitted with special nursing clips, similar to bras. Other common breastfeeding systems are the slits at the breasts that open and close with a very fine and thin zipper, and some pyjamas can be provided with a lining of material in the front, allowing discreet breastfeeding by lifting it. Thus, quality pyjamas will allow you to breastfeed your baby without lifting or taking off garments.
  • Staying dressed in the same outfit for long periods of time, as well as being in constant contact with your baby's body, will soon show you that choosing nursing pajamas made of NATURAL MATERIAL is the best option. So, especially in our country's cooler seasons, a pajamas for breastfeeding from BUMBAC will make a difference to the young mother.
  • In the context of maintaining an optimal room temperature for the baby (21-23°C), a set of long-sleeved nursing pajamas that will MAINTAIN BODY HEAT in the cold days and nights of AUTUMN, WINTER or PRIMAVARAis the perfect choice. Without buying special clothes for breastfeeding, the new mother runs the risk of sitting for hours on end with her back bare and quickly becoming cold, especially as a lot of fatigue builds up.
  • There are models of pyjamas that are SUITABLE FOR BOTH PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDINGThe fit is adapted to the waist that will change substantially during this period and to the easy access for breastfeeding.
  • A model of nursing pyjamas with a DESIGN FRAGRANCES and according to her tastes, it will make the new mother feel much better in her skin, more attractive and confident. Nursing pyjamas are not just about functionality. They are available in a wide range of designs, colours and prints to suit every mother's taste and preference. So mothers can continue to feel beautiful and stylish, even during an activity as essential as breastfeeding.

The breastfeeding period is a special time in the life of a mother and her baby. During these intimate and tender moments, comfort and practicality are extremely important. Breastfeeding is an experience full of emotional bonding and precious moments, and nursing pyjamas contribute to this positive experience.

Nursing pyjamas

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