Small teddy bear, with teddy and head, blue-green, 17 cm

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This soft and velvety little teddy bear is blue vert and is suitable for little boys. It is 17 centimetres tall when the teddy is in the sitting position and 19 centimetres from the head to the top of the bottom paws.

The interior rattle has a very, very quiet and soothing sound, so as not to frighten the baby. So it's suitable from birth, and its cute little teddy bear size makes it a perfect gift for a newborn.

A plush toy, soft and pleasant to the touch, is always a welcome gift.


  • Type: small teddy bear with rattle and head
  • Height: 17 cm at the bottom.
  • Colour: blue green.
  • Recommended for age: 0 months-6,12 months.
  • Cleaning: only on the surface of the toy or at most in the washing machine (if the body of the toy falls apart, small parts that are loose can be released).
  • Brand: My Baby


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