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Breast pads, maternity and breastfeeding, 30 pieces, Medela

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Designed to cope with leaking milk, these Medela breast pads offer comfort and protection against moisture and are super absorbent.

Medela is a Swiss company, renowned for its research and innovation in medical equipment, and one of its focuses is feeding babies with breast milk. That's why, under this name, in addition to breast pumps, we also find accessories for natural breastfeeding.

Capped with natural fibres that retain moisture inside, they protect sensitive breast skin. They fit snugly to clothes thanks to adhesive strips and allow the breast to breathe, keeping clothes dry.

Each pad is individually packaged and disposable, making them easy to use in a hygienic way, at home or on the go, day or night.

The size is universal - they fit any breast size.

Package includes: 30 pieces of breast pads.





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