Baby handkerchief, nasal aspirator for heavy nasal secretions, Arianna brand, for 0-6 years

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The baby's handkerchief is a reliable aid for parents and young children when there are abundant nasal secretions due to colds or flu.

Newborns and babies up to about 6 months old breathe exclusively through the nose, so the elimination of secretions is all the more important. Babies can't blow their noses when they're cold, and younger babies don't blow their noses very well. Therefore, nasal secretions are difficult to remove from their little noses. This makes the baby's handkerchief a reliable ally against colds. Another reason why children start to refuse to blow their noses at some point and the use of a baby's bib becomes necessary is the sores that are caused to the skin of the nose by repeated blowing with conventional methods (with a disposable paper handkerchief, for example).

The baby's handkerchief removes secretions from the baby's nose in such a way that this operation is effective and non-irritating. The baby's handkerchief sucks through the aspirator, but not with the power of the aspirator.

It is important to eliminate the abundant nasal secretions caused by colds or flu, as other complications, such as otitis, may occur. This tool should be used on the doctor's advice and in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

To use the baby handkerchief, the baby or child will be placed in a seated position. The detachable suction head, marked A on the box, will be used for insertion into the nose. Together with the rest of the suction tube from the baby's handkerchief, it will be inserted into the household vacuum cleaner tube. Suctioning should be continued with interruptions of a few seconds until the secretion flows. The suction head inserted into the nostril can be moved up, down and sideways. Suctioning can be repeated several times daily until healing.

It is recommended to sterilize by boiling or washing with antibacterial liquid soap the suction head marked with A on the box (two suction heads marked with A are in the box).




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