Postpartum absorbent pad Samu Mini, Hartmann

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These postpartum absorbents Samu Mini from Hartmann provide comfort to women after childbirth. They have high absorbency for heavy bleeding after childbirth.

They are gentle on the skin and soft and have an absorbent cellulose flake centre, providing a high level of absorbency.

They can also be used for protection after gynaecological operations.

Benefits of postpartum absorbents:

  1. High absorption: Postpartum pads are designed to absorb larger amounts of fluid than regular pads. This makes them ideal for women who experience heavy postpartum bleeding.
  2. Comfort: postpartum pads are designed to be softer and more comfortable than regular pads to reduce discomfort and irritation in the genital area.
  3. Protection against leakage: postpartum bleeding can sometimes be uncontrolled and can cause unwanted leakage. Postpartum pads offer greater protection against leakage and can help women feel safer and more comfortable.
  4. Prevents infections: Using postpartum pads can help prevent infections, as they keep the genital area dry and clean.

It is recommended to use them together with special underwear (panties) for after birth.

Package contains 20 postpartum pads, individually wrapped.





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