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Nursing pyjamas

Below we have chosen a few versatile nursing pyjama designs that are suitable for both pregnancy periodfor the few days spent in hospital, but especially for the breastfeeding period. Having comfortable clothing to spend the days after giving birth in is VERY important. And it can make all the difference in enjoying this special time. If you're expecting your first baby, you might be wondering what will give your new postnatal body a perfect fit (and allow easy access to breastfeeding).

Nursing pyjamas

These breastfeeding pyjamas have been designed to cope successfully with the first months after birth, allowing easy breastfeeding. They are pieces of clothing that are well worth the investment, designed by designers with a lot of love for the pregnant woman and all that she represents and that are also suitable after this beautiful period of life, with an elegant but sexy cut.

The idea of these pajamas suitable for breastfeeding is to have easy access for nursing or pumping. And when you're exhausted in the middle of the night, you won't want to fuss with buttons or fastening systems.

Do you want something that will fit your new body, support your extra weight and cover you enough to allow visitors to come see you and your baby without worrying? We've listed some of our breastfeeding pyjamas below. The materials used are of the highest quality, with cotton or bamboo being preferred.

And a little advice for mothers who opt for caesarean section. The most suitable clothes for maternity and immediately after the operation are nightdresses or dressing gowns for pregnant women. During the healing period, pyjama trousers can be difficult to wear as the operated area will be very sensitive.

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