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Saline 0.9%, for daily hygiene of newborns, 40×5 ml, Solacium

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Physiological eye serum produced by Solacium is a solution used for eye, ear and nose hygiene.
1 ml of solution contains 9 mg of sodium chloride and water.

It is a sterile solution and is indicated for cleaning wounds, eyes, ears and nasal passages. It can be used for newborns, children and adults.

For babies under the age of one, hygiene is very important to prevent infections and other health problems. One of the key aspects of baby hygiene is the correct cleaning of the nose and eyes. Physiological serum is a useful tool in this regard.

To cleanse the nose, parents can use a drop or two of saline in each baby's nostril. This will help to remove mucus and other impurities, and the baby's nose will be easier to breathe. In addition, using saline can prevent dryness or irritation of the nasal mucosa.

For cleaning the eyes, parents can use a solution of saline diluted with boiled or distilled water. This solution can be applied with a sterile compress or make-up remover pad. Cleaning baby's eyes with diluted saline can help remove crusts and other impurities that can collect around the eyes.

It is important to mention that saline should not be used in excess, as it can irritate or dry the baby's delicate skin. This physiological serum is not a substitute for good general hygiene, such as frequent nappy changing and regular hand washing.

It is also used for aerosol therapy, on its own or as a diluent for other substances, as recommended by the doctor.

The pack contains 40 doses of physiological eye serum.




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