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Breastfeeding Breast Cream, Purelan™ 100, 7g, Medela

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Purelan breastfeeding cream with pure lanolin soothes sensitive nipples and dry skin. It is a hypoallergenic, natural, pure product without additives and preservatives. Provides natural nipple and skin care. It is used for moisturising and soothing sensitive or dry nipples during pregnancy and lactation.

Medela is a Swiss company, renowned for its research and innovation in medical equipment, and one of its focuses is feeding babies with breast milk. That's why, under this name, in addition to breast pumps, we also find accessories for natural breastfeeding.

Purelan 100 helps regulate sebum diminished by frequent sucking. It is also suitable for baby's dry skin, as well as for chapped lips and dry nose in case of cold or winter.

Ingredient: lanolin.

Instructions for use for nipples:
Wash your hands before use.
After breastfeeding, express a little milk and spread it on the nipple and areola.
Let dry. Then apply a small amount of Purelan 100.
There is no need to remove it before breastfeeding.

Expires on the date written on the packaging.

Box includes: 1 x Purelan™ 100 Cream 7g





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