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Complete list of items needed for birth in 2024

List of necessary newborn and mother essential items maternity baggage

List of necessary newborn

Baby bath:

  • cadita

Baby hygiene:

  • Baneocin powder for umbilical bladder care (only available in pharmacies!)
  • Betadine for umbilical bladder care (only available in pharmacies!)

Baby health:

  • colic products (Espumisan for children, Infacol, Colief, etc - they are only found in pharmacies!)

Feeding the baby:

  • bottles and teats
  • milk powder
  • brushes for cleaning bottles and teats
  • sterilizer
  • breast pump
  • breast milk collection bags
  • silicone teaspoon
  • pacifier

Baby room:

  • monitoring system
  • night light/wake light
  • humidifier
  • electronic singing
  • basket for dirty diapers
  • patut 60*120 or 70*120
  • crib mattress 60*120 or 70*120
  • mattress protection peetop
  • baby crib linen (sheet, pillowcase and pillowcase) with dimensions adapted to the bed 60*120 or 70*120
  • side crib protectors (guards) (may be similar to the linen set and are usually purchased separately)
  • baby leg adapted to the pillowcase size of the underwear
  • baby pilot adapted to the size of the pilot's face from the underwear
  • paturica for sleeping in a crib/stroller/babynest
  • babynest for co-sleeping in the parents' bed

Baby transport:

  • car clam (it is generally recommended from birth until the age of about 1 year; there are also variants that can be attached to the stroller: Cybex (by purchasing some adapters), 3 in 1 stroller variants, etc.)
  • trolley with carrycot (recommended for 0-6 months)
  • sports trolley (it is generally recommended from 6 months, but there are also variants from 0 months with adjustable back to horizontal level, for example certain models from Cybex, Nuna, Joie)
  • maternity bag, used in the stroller, for walking (available both separately and included in the stroller sets)
  • ergonomic wearing systems baby carrier (baby carrier/sling/wrap)

Baby wrap:

  • detergent especially for babies

List required mother

  • postnatal belt
Download the list in pdf format
Download the list in pdf format

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One comment on “Lista completa cu obiectele necesare pentru nastere in 2024

  1. How can there be so many items necessary for the birth of a newborn baby and its mother? It's an impressive list at, ranging from baby care essentials to mother's necessities. Does this reflect the complexity of modern life or our need to make sure we are not missing anything at such important times? What do you think, is this list a useful guide or a source of additional stress for expectant parents?

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