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Baby bath "Baby in yellow"

Washing newborns is an important process in caring for babies and maintaining their hygiene. In the first months of life, the skin of newborns is very sensitive and needs to be cleaned carefully to prevent irritation and infection.

Newborn bathing can also be a special time of bonding and connection between parent and baby. It is important to follow the correct steps to ensure that you wash your newborn in a safe and comfortable way. In this respect, it is important to prepare the necessary equipment before the washing starts and follow the advice to avoid any injury or irritation.

In general, a suitable temperature for the baby's room is 21-23°C and the optimum humidity is 50-60%. In the room where the bath is to be taken (newborn room or bathroom) the temperature can be increased to 25-26°C. A great help in indicating room temperature and humidity is the TFA hygrometer, which was voted the best in 2018, according to the website "".

Prepare the tub with water, in which the yellow Tega Baby sponge is placed, which will hug the baby like a little prince:

The water temperature will be checked to be 36-37°C using the Canpol babies yellow duck-shaped thermometer:

Wash the baby's body and then hair, gently, like a caress, insisting on the folds, with a body and hair cleansing lotion. It is only necessary to use special baby cosmetics.

We rinse her hair with BabyOno's white and grey rinsing cup, which has a soft plastic part that moulds perfectly to the shape of baby's head.

Remove the baby from the tub and wipe very gently by dabbing (without rubbing), starting with the head and ending with the feet, using a soft, absorbent yellow cotton towel:

Ears are cleaned with special baby ear sticks with a stopper. The pinna and outer ear should be gently wiped with a corner of a towel or cotton nappy.

We clean his eyes only if necessary, from the external to the internal angle, with sterile compresses, moistened with saline.

The nose can also be cleaned with saline, only if necessary, and the mucus soaked in this way is pulled out of the nose with sterile compresses. I should mention that my son did not like this operation at all and charged us audibly every time. Otherwise, the mucus in the nose can also be aspirated with a nose pump and I chose the white one from BabyOno.

Massage the baby with body lotion. It is necessary to use only special baby cosmetics.

In the first few days, until the umbilical cord dries up and falls off, ask a health professional for advice on how to do it. umbilical stump toilet. It can be cleaned very gently (touch) with rubbing alcohol or Betadine solution and sprinkled with Baneocin powder, and you can get these at any pharmacy. The umbilical cord should be cared for in this way three times a day, until it falls off (7-21 days) and a week afterwards. When the umbilical stump has not yet fallen off, it is preferable not to wet it too much when bathing, not to keep it submerged in water, as its detachment may be delayed.

A Pampers or Huggies size 1 nappy can be put on, these sizes are suitable for normal weight newborns (over 3kg) and the bottom is given with Bepanthen cream from the pharmacy or a marigold cream.

We dress him up and...ready for our first colourful bath!

The natural hair brush in the Canpol babies care set will give our little one a feeling of well-being by gently massaging the scalp.

Once a week or whenever needed, we will cut the nails of our little wonder. The rounded tipped scissors from the Reer grooming set in white are complemented by the nail clippers from the same set.

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